Stage6 77cc StreetRace Gietijzer Derbi NT

Stage6 77cc StreetRace Gietijzer Derbi NT

Stage6 77cc StreetRace Gietijzer Derbi NT


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Stage6 Cylinder Kit 77cc Streetrace Cast Iron Derbi Euro 3 / Euro 4, the popular cast iron tuning cylinder by Stage6. In addition to traditional scooter tuning, Stage6 is mostly know for their high-quality tuning parts for modern scooters with CVT but a while ago decided to branch out into making parts for mopeds with gearbox (Supermotard etc.). First they launched a 50cc line, now they added two kits with 77cc and 88cc, since we all know: There is no replacement for displacement!

The kit includes:

  • 77cc grey cast iron cylinder, d=50mm, 5 transfer ports and simple exhaust
  • 2-ring piston, 50mm
  • one-piece high-compression cylinder head, aluminium
  • gaskets (head and base) and hardware

The cylinder performance is pretty impressive on all counts – take-off and acceleration are great and due to increased displacement top speed and the overall output are much improved. The cast iron cylinder is extremely reliable and durable, so it is definitely suitable for intensive use.

When it comes to tuning cylinders, you should adjust the entire setup; we recommend a 26mm carburetor, a racing exhaust, a tuning clutch (reinforced) and a reinforced crankshaft.

Another big pro of this cylinder – assembly is very simple, you won’t have to bother with milling the crankcase.

Our tip for running in: the new cylinder should be run in for 300km, i.e. do not go to full throttle. We recommend a 3% two-stroke mixture (1:33) to ensure prolonged engine life.

Note: The cylinder looks unobtrusive and similar to the stock part. Stage6 has deliberately decided not to display the brand name on the cylinder, instead of a logo they stamped “49ccm” on it. Don’t panic, it is a 77cc cylinder and may therefore be NOT STREET-LEGAL (in various countries).


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